Steps in process:

  1. Notice of Inquiry6 Feb 2020
  2. Issues Paper13 Mar 2020
  3. Initial ConsultationMar - Aug 2020
  4. Draft Report2 Sep 2020
  5. Report ConsultationSep - Oct 2020
  6. Final Report13 Nov 2020 - current step

Draft Report

In February 2020 the South Australian Productivity Commission (the Commission) was tasked to inquire into the performance of health and medical research (HMR) in South Australia.

The Commission has investigated health and medical research in the state and identified a number of factors that appear to be influencing its ability to attract funding for research as well as the level of research activity and the translation of research into improved health and economic outcomes.

The Commission has considered the potential for policy, regulatory, research governance and other reforms to improve the state’s competitiveness in HMR and lift private sector HMR and development.

Next steps

The draft report presents the Commission’s initial understanding of the key issues based on submissions and information received and analysis to date. It provides a basis for further engagement with stakeholders, including on the Commission’s initial conclusions, information requests and draft recommendations to the South Australian Government.

The Commission thanks the many contributions from stakeholders including SA Health, universities, research institutions, and businesses and invites interested people and organisations to make a written submission on the draft report.

Make a submission

Submissions in response to the Health and Medical Research Inquiry draft report are now closed.


Di Wheeler
T: 08 8226 7744

Inquiry Lead

Christine Bierbaum
T: 08 8226 7705