Steps in process:

  1. Notice of Inquiry16 Nov 2021
  2. Initial ConsultationNov 2021 - May 2022
  3. Draft ReportMay 2022
  4. Report ConsultationMay - June 2022
  5. Final ReportNovember 2022 - current step

Notice of Inquiry

The SAPC has been asked to undertake an inquiry into SA’s renewable energy competitiveness to assess SA’s actual or potential renewable energy competitive advantage (both within Australia and globally) in terms of renewable energy cost, location, quantity, reliability and/or emissions levels. The SAPC will recommend any further actions the SA Government could take to create or enhance the actual or potential competitive advantage.

The terms of reference also require the SAPC to consider if a competitive advantage exists or is attainable, recommend what areas of potential economic development warrant further thorough investigation by the SA Government.

Chair and Presiding Commissioner

Adrian Tembel
T: 08 8226 7744

Inquiry Lead

Steve Whetton
T: 08 8226 7705


Di Wheeler
T: 08 8226 7744