Steps in process:

  1. Notice of Review9 Mar 2021
  2. Issues Paper26 Mar 2021
  3. Initial ConsultationMar – May 2021
  4. Draft Report2 Jul 2021
  5. Report ConsultationJul - Sep 2021
  6. Final Report11 Oct 2021 - current step

Notice of Review

The South Australian Government has asked the Commission to “…undertake a review into regulation and practice governing referrals processes that form part of obtaining a development approval.” The Commission will “…focus on short to medium term benefits to the state that can be realised through changes in regulator practices, regulator structure and systems, business processes, technology and capability as well as culture and relationships between proponents and regulators.”

The Terms of Reference for this Review require the Commission “…to consult with key industry organisations, business operators, Planning and Land Use Services (Attorney-General’s Department), the referral agencies, other relevant public sector agencies and regulators, and other key stakeholders.”

The Commission will shortly release an Issues Paper that sets out the Commission’s initial understanding of the matters to be addressed. This paper will seek input from interested parties, both on the matters identified as well as any other relevant issues.

The Premier has directed the Commission to issue a draft report outlining recommendations for consultative purposes and that the final report be made available no later than 9 September 2021.

Presiding Commissioner

Adrian Tembel
T: 08 8226 7744

Review Lead

Aaron Witthoeft
T: 08 8226 7107


Giselle Oruga
T: 08 8226 7764