South Australia’s Regulatory Framework

    The Commission has been asked to make recommendations to modernise South Australia’s regulatory framework to better support investment, employment and productivity growth. The inquiry will consider how to make regulation making and regulator behaviour more efficient, effective and future oriented. It is part of the Modern Regulation project which also includes a program of regulatory reviews into specific areas of regulation affecting key economic processes or sectors.

    Health and Medical Research Inquiry

    The Commission conducted an inquiry into health and medical research and development (R&D) in South Australia. The inquiry examined the performance of health and medical R&D including trends in grant funding, research output and activity, research collaborations and commercialisation.

    Research and Development Inquiry

    The Commission conducted an inquiry into the trends in Research and Development and the factors that influence the extent to which Research and Development contributes to long term productivity gains and economic growth in South Australia and made recommendations to raise that contribution.

    Local Government Inquiry

    The Commission inquired into local government costs and efficiency. The inquiry examined the trends in local government costs and the drivers of these costs as well as developed and analysed measures of efficiency. Mechanisms and indicators that might be used by local government to measure and improve performance were also identified. The Commission provided advice and recommendations on options for improving efficiency in local government operations.

    Government Procurement Inquiry Stage 2

    The SA Government agreed to broaden the inquiry into goods and services procurement to include prescribed agencies and capital projects. The expanded terms of reference were partially in response to the feedback the Commission received from several stakeholders in response to the stage 1 issues paper that was published on 16 November 2018.

    Government Procurement Inquiry Stage 1

    The Commission inquired into the efficiency and effectiveness of State Government goods and services procurement. The Stage 1 inquiry examined the existing procurement framework and consider insights from other jurisdictions to identify reform options that improve procurement practices to positively impact on business and employment.