The South Australian Productivity Commission (the Commission) has been established to make recommendations to government to facilitate productivity growth, unlock new economic opportunities, support job creation and remove existing regulatory barriers.

The Commission’s inquiry process is mandated by Premier and Cabinet Circular 046 – the South Australian Productivity Commission.

The Commission undertakes inquiries into matters referred to it by the responsible Minister, the Premier. The Premier does this by providing a written Notice of Inquiry to the Commission to undertake an inquiry, including providing terms of reference which outline the scope of the inquiry, and providing any other specific directions.  The duration of an inquiry, and each step of the inquiry process, may differ from one inquiry to another.

The Commission conducts its inquiries independently, subject to the requirements set out in the Premier’s Notice of Inquiry.

Once an inquiry has been referred to the Commission, we will usually publish an issues paper which is intended to identify key issues and pose questions to inform consultation. At the same time the Commission will generally invite feedback on the issues paper and seek submissions that address the terms of reference.

Any submission provided to the Commission will be considered and, unless either it is indicated to the Commission as being confidential or it is an abuse of process, will be published on our website.

Following consideration of submissions the Commission will usually release a draft report. The draft report will typically include evidence, key findings and draft recommendations. Further consultation to test these matters and to gather additional evidence follows its publication.

The final report outlines the Commission’s findings and recommendations and is provided to the government.  The final report will be available on the Commission’s website within 90 days of it being delivered to the Premier.  This concludes the Commission’s inquiry process.

Once the final report has been delivered, the Premier will endeavour to respond within 90 Days of receiving it.  The Commission will publish any government response on its website.