Our Perspective

The Commission is required to take a broad perspective in terms of the state’s economy.  It must take into account the broad interests of industry, business, consumers and the community, regional South Australia, social-economic implications and ecological sustainability.

Consultation and respectful engagement with stakeholders is an essential part of our work and, together with robust research and analysis, is the foundation for quality advice and recommendations to Government.  Publications of the submissions we receive is an important part of this process.  The Commission is keen to hear from, and engage with, interested parties at all times.


You can make submissions in several ways:

  • The Commission prefers you provide an electronic (Word or PDF) letter or memo along with any supporting documentation containing facts, figures, data or examples through our website facility; or
  • you can also email us at sapc@sa.gov.au; or
  • post to us at GPO Box 2343, ADELAIDE SA 5001.

Roundtable discussions and public meetings may also be held during an inquiry.

If you would like to discuss how best to communicate with us please call the Commission on 08 8226 7828.

Transparency & Confidentiality

When making a submission you agree to the Commission publishing that submission on its website unless you clearly indicate that your submission is confidential.  If you wish to submit material confidentially you should contact us for advice as you will need to explain why you are claiming confidentiality.

If we consider your claim for confidentiality has not been substantiated, we will contact you to discuss the reason for your claim.  We reserve the right to decline your submission.  Material accepted as confidential will be read only by our Commissioners and staff and will not be referred to in our reports.  This approach supports the Commission’s commitment to transparency, and enables other parties interested in the inquiry to consider contributors views unless there is a valid reason why those views should not be shared beyond the Commission.

Commission representatives may liaise with you in relation to your submission to clarify your views to ensure our understanding.

Submissions will remain available publicly after the conclusion of an inquiry as they will be available on the Commission’s website as a Past Inquiry.

Legal Consideration

The Commission will assess every submission prior to its publication and we will not publish material on our website that is offensive, potentially defamatory, beyond the scope of the inquiries terms of reference, or is an abuse of process.

Our documents, including confidential submissions, are subject to the Freedom of Information Act 1991.  That Act gives individuals the legally enforceable right to access documents created and held by the government, subject to some restrictions.

Personal or identifying information should not be included in submissions.  We will remove all personal contact details from submissions before they are published on our website.