Steps in process:

  1. Notice of Inquiry13 May 2019
  2. Methodology Paper31 May 2019
  3. Consultation on Methodology PaperJuly 2019
  4. Draft Report30 Aug 2019
  5. Submissions on Draft ReportOctober 2019
  6. Final Report22 November 2019 - current step

Consultation on Methodology Paper

The methodology paper sets out the Commission’s initial research into the estimation and analysis of local government costs and efficiency and a proposed approach to the technical and analytical facets of the inquiry. The Commission seeks advice on all aspects of the paper and terms of reference for the inquiry. In addition, the Commission seeks your views about opportunities to improve local government operations to reduce costs and improve efficiency.

The quality of the analysis and conclusions will be greatly assisted by stakeholders sharing their views and assisting the Commission in establishing an evidence base. The Commission encourages all stakeholders to engage and participate at all stages of the inquiry.

The Commission will publish every submission it receives on its website unless it is determined by the Commission as being confidential, offensive, potentially defamatory, beyond the scope of the terms of reference of the inquiry, or an abuse of process.  Confidential submissions are addressed in detail on page 7 of the Methodology paper.  This approach supports the Commission’s commitment to transparency, and enables other parties interested in the inquiry to consider contributors’ views unless there is a valid reason why those views should not be shared beyond the Commission

The Commission invites submissions on the methodology paper by 12 July 2019.

Reference group

As part of the consultation process, a reference group has been established to assist the Commission by providing:

  • relevant data and information;
  • expert advice, insights and understanding about productivity and efficiency trends in the South Australian local government sector;
  • feedback on the Commission’s analysis and conclusions; and
  • advice on how to best communicate with the stakeholders.

The reference group comprises:

Dr Helen MacDonald, Chief Executive Officer, Clare and Gilbert Valley Council

Ms Annette Martin, Manager Financial Services, City of Charles Sturt

Mr John Comrie, Consultant

Ms Natasha Cheshire, Director, ESCOSA

Mr Matt Pinnegar, Chief Executive Officer, Local Government Association

Mr Peter Ilee, Executive Officer, Local Government Grants Commission

Mr Adrian Skull, Chief Executive Officer, City of Marion

Dr Matthew Butlin, Chair SAPC

Mr Jeff Tate, Commissioner SAPC

Professor Christopher Findlay, Commissioner SAPC

Next Steps

Following consideration of initial submissions, the Commission will release a draft report in August 2019 detailing evidence, key findings and draft recommendations.  Further consultation to test these findings and to gather additional evidence will follow the draft report’s publication.



Di Wheeler
T: 08 8429 5410

Inquiry Lead

Dr Matthew Butlin, Presiding Commissioner
T: 08 8226 6448

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