Steps in process:

  1. Notice of Inquiry16 Nov 2021
  2. Initial ConsultationNov 2021 - May 2022
  3. Draft ReportMay 2022
  4. Report ConsultationMay - June 2022
  5. Final ReportNovember 2022 - current step

Final Report

Dear Premier,

In accordance with the terms of reference received by the Commission on 16 November 2021, I am now pleased to submit the South Australian Productivity Commission's Final Report on our inquiry into South Australia's Renewable Energy Competitiveness.

The Commission's central purpose is to provide you with independent evidence based economic advice on how to improve our State's economic growth and in turn, South Australian household incomes.

The key conclusions of our report are as follows

  • our State has a legitimate economic claim to potential competitive advantage in the renewable energy and some associated sectors;
  • we therefore endorse the State's prioritisation and focus on these markets as a potential source of economic growth;
  • however, realising that economic dividend will be challenging;
  • global and national competition for direct and indirect renewable energy investment is fierce and will only become more fierce; and
  • we can do it, but we will need to be world class in all respects. We will need to skillfully build on our strengths but also fix our weaknesses. On top of that, we will probably also need a little luck.

Our report sets out 40 findings and 15 recommendations that we believe can collectively provide our State with a realistic pathway to success. That pathway is not easy or risk free but, on balance, we believe it is worthy of your careful consideration.

I take this opportunity to thank my colleague Mr Steve Whetton and our inquiry team for their high quality assistance on this assignment.

Adrian Tembel



The final report was delivered to the Premier on 9 August 2022 and was published on 9 November 2022.

Government's Response to the Final Report

All Government responses to SAPC inquiries and reviews can be found on the Department of the Premier and Cabinet website


Simone Vanzati
T: 08 8226 2654

Inquiry Lead

Steve Whetton
T: 08 8226 7705